Jesup North Pacific Expedition

Portrait of Morris Jesup.Photograph is from the American Museum of Natural History, negative #114141. Morris K. Jesup was director of the Museum and personally finaced the expedition which bears his name. The North Pacific Expedition established the manager, Franz Boas, as Amer ica's premier anthropologist and launched the careers of many of his students, as well as those of Bogoraz and Jochelson.

Portrait of Jochelson, Buxton, Bogoras.Photograph is from American Museum of Natural History, negative #338343. This portrait of (from left) Vladimir Jochelson, Norman G. Buxton, and Vladimir Bogoras was taken in San Francisco shortly before the group sailed for the Russian Far East in 1900. Bogoras and his wife made a general anthropological survey of the Chukchi, and Bogoras also conducted linguistic fieldwork among the settled Koryak in the Kamenskii region. Jochelson and his wife, Dina Brodskaya, conducted general anthropological research among the Koryak in Penzhinskii and Kamenskii regions and a little further south along the Okhotsk shore of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Bogoras later went on to establish ethnography as a discipline in Russian and the Soviet Union with his colleague Lev Shternberg. Jochelson emmigrated after the revolution to New York and published several important works on native Siberian peoples.

For more information, consult the informative chapter on the Jesup Expedition in the Crossroads of Continents exhibition catalog published by the Smithsonian.

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